Monday, May 9, 2011

80s Trivia: Who sang the theme song for 'Miami Vice'?

You don't get much more 80s than Miami Vice.  The music, the cars, the culture and the terrible, terrible clothing just screamed about the decade that so many of us would love to forget.  And let me emphasize one item again: the music.  Miami Vice was renowned for its use of music in its episodes, often spending serious cash to acquire the rights to use certain songs in episodes.  Many musicians also served as guest stars during the show.  So much original music was created for the series that it actually had three soundtracks released.

Its theme song, replete with synthesizers (many, many synthesizers) and no lyrics, was classic Vice.  So, off of Pocket Trivia: 80s Trivia -  Who composed the theme song for 'Miami Vice'?  Was it Peter Gabriel, Phil Collins, Jan Hammer or Elton John?

The answer to this one is Jan Hammer.  Hammer's theme song actually hit #1 on the Billboard Top 100 and reached #5 in the UK.

Now, go get the song stuck in your head:

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